About us

Suar Design is proud to present and showcase our brand of breathtaking natural wood table solutions. Our unique slab tables are made of Suar wood, a sustainable wood sourced from Indonesia.
One of the most beautiful and durable hardwoods, Suar wood’s natural aesthetic lends itself perfectly to various types of furniture. While Suar wood’s appealing finish is attractive to artisans and builders, its special grain texture makes it particularly suited for carving, making it an ideal choice for designer tables. Taking into account its robust strength, durability and striking wood grains, Suar wood makes a fitting choice for colossal table tops such as conference tables and dining tables.
We source our Suar wood from fallen trunks and trees which have to be removed for housing development or highway construction projects, which would otherwise have been burnt down and cleared out by the locals. All the wood used in our production has been approved by Indonesia’s Ministry of Forestry, and is certified to be eco-friendly.

We offer tables in lengths varying from 1,2m to 3m, each one with its own unique shape and wood-grain pattern. Expected delivery time is 2 to 3 days.